mysql_num_rows not working

Gogala Mladen Apr 2, 2012 9:48 PM (in response to RENGANATHANMG) Surprisingly, it's oci_num_rows(). 1 Answer. – Vikas Arora Jan 31 '14 at 5:02 mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource Problem . Topic. "I am completely agreed with the replies that you can not oci_num_rows for that.To do that you need use SELECT COUNT(*) for that. For unbuffered result sets, mysqli_num_rows() will not return the correct number of rows until all the rows in the result have been retrieved. MySQL Native … 0 Likes. For SELECT statements this function will return the number of rows, that were fetched to the buffer with oci_fetch*() functions. Answer Save. Re: Replacement of mysql_num_rows. (4) February 28, 2015 02:32AM Re: num_rows not working … February 28, 2015 02:00AM Re: num_rows not working when used SUM() Onkar Shinde. Persistent Connections. If you issue "SELECT FOUND_ROWS()" just in sequence, in the same connection resource, it allways returns 0 rather than expected 5. php - MySQL: Num Rows not working - i've stumbled upon simple mysql error, , seems attempts of fixing effortless. Seems to be a great site. I´m not 100% sure if the problem was the installation of the second system but I´m quite sure about it. Web Development Forum . Hi, when i run a query in phpmyadmin it returns one result but when i print mysql_num_rows() on my php page it prints 0. mysql_num_rows() returns 1 as expected. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in . This: C.Count(C.column6) should be: Count(C.column6) and the same change applies in the order by clause (which might be counting the wrong column - should it not be … Gary _____ Information from ESET Smart Security, version of virus signature database 5894 (20110221) _____ The message was checked by ESET Smart Security. mysql_tablename. Currently it displays Rows not counted: and ROWS if I ask it to display the number of rows it shows it as being 0. mysql_thread_id . Home SELECT COUNT(*) from yadda. Overview. mysql_real_escape_string. are you using mysqli entirely? num_rows not working when used SUM() Onkar Shinde. This is my first post here, hehe. Notes. The behaviour of mysqli_num_rows() depends on whether buffered or unbuffered result sets are being used. Can you think of why the mysql_num_rows is not working? Let me know if you see anything or if I need to post anything else. Just switch mysql.trace_mode to Off and things will work. please help me. Programming Forum . Content tagged with mysql_num_rows. There are a few things to think about: - Use bind variables. Home. mysql_pconnect. with - mysql_num_rows not working Whats the best way to get total#of records in a mysql table with php? MySQL Native Driver. Incompatibilities. Anyways, I'm quite new in PHP, but it's fun and I think I'm learning quite fast :) August 2006 16:37 . should use mysqli_* or pdo. The problem with that is that if you do that after a select it will return the number of rows, but it will also advance the row pointer, which mysql_num_rows does not. Statistics. setcookie ("tomsservercookie", "Cookie worked! I don't know if one was always supposed to use getAffectedRows() when doing an update query in previous versions of Joomla, but in Joomla 3.x, getNumRows() definitely does not work and getAffectedRows() definitely does work for update queries. This is really important for security and performance. PHP - Mysql_num_rows Not Working With Die Statment Or If Statment. I don't fully grok your example since you seem to have been using mysql_num_rows after an UPDATE; and this doesn't seem to return -1. mysql_num_rows() not working? And I can't get the mysql_num_rows and mysql_fetch_rows to work. "This function does not return number of rows selected! Favourite answer. mysql_select_db. problem, it's not counting. algeriano 0 Newbie Poster . Mandes. and also shows this warning. Relevance. mysql_ping. Nisovin. That's a real surprise when you have in mind that both databases, Oracle RDBMS and MySQ,L are produced by the same company and that there is a conscious effort to keep the … Cookies Not working! Use mysql_num_rows() to find out how many rows were returned for a SELECT statement or mysql_affected_rows() to find out how many rows were affected by a DELETE, INSERT, REPLACE, or UPDATE statement. Returns the number of rows in the result set. February 28, 2015 12:32AM Re: num_rows not working when used SUM() Peter Brawley. mysql_query. The mysqli_num_rows() function returns the number of rows in a result set. Lv 5. ; sure your scripts work properly with it in order to ensure they will work ; with future versions of the language (you will receive a warning each time ; you use this feature, and the argument will be passed by value instead of by Last visit was: Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:29 pm: It is currently Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:29 pm Runtime Configuration. mysql_result. by godsdead » 16. – Jimmy Nov 29 '15 at 23:02 I am in dire need of assistance with the db_result(db_query()) "solution" to the extremely-useful-and-now-gone mysql_num_rows. data does not come at phpmysqladmin. Mysql_Num_Rows($Result) Not Working As Expected, Need Advise. 1. I am running 'Start Transaction' query b4 running the acualt query and after updating that record i am running 'Commit'. mysql php Okie, My cookies just arnt working on my Xampp, they used to, no matter what script i use i cant get my cookies to work.. so i thought id do the most simple cookie check.. Code: Select all

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