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What if that rule is not to be a legalistic, archaic kill-joy? There are a couple Id like to flesh out. I accumulated more than 100 demerits during my first year and because of this, they did not allow to me to return the following year. Free thinkers, thanks! Whats your motive? Students are notified of significant health risks associated with the improper use of certain substances, including those mentioned above. Honestly, this is lazy journalism. The only strict rule they have is drinking and they wont kick you out if they find out you drank. My experience is that Asbury failed to portray the Christian faith in a serious way because She became more interested in the rules than the outcomes (Paul made a big deal of this in the bible). Part-timers or those with special circumstances must do so on days when their classes do not begin until after noon. Thank you for your comment! While some rules are debatable, yet this writer seems to think Like, in this example, students deciding its very unlikely that Oral Roberts raised the dead during his ministry, which would make their college named after a liar. I believe the answer lies with how students (like me) were raised. Its part of the colleges curriculum, just like a class, due to the college aiming for both academic AND spiritual growth. Writing articles about what you disagree with regarding the university isnt really helpful to anyone. I know people are given the choice/make the decision to attend these schools, but they just sound so old-fashioned and boring. If you study at a high quality MBA program in the United States, you can use that degree to improve your reputation and career ANYWHERE in the world, unlike law or medical degrees (or worthless degrees from diploma mills). And finally No, they do not allow engaging in it, and I honestly think thats not something good. For example, skirts/dresses should fall mid-thigh, midriff and underwear should not show, leggings/tights should have a skirt, dress, or shirt over top that falls mid-thigh (except during exercise), and shirts should not be low-cut and should have modest straps. Of course, Jesus advocated The Commandments, not hip, redesigned for 2012, laws. Division II varsity sports with student-athletes maintaining a focus on ministry and impacting the world for Christ. She said, as a Christian thats how I live my life anyway. The school works to develop what God has put into someone, unlike schools like the Ohio State University, which declared to my entering class their goal to fail you in your first year. Submit Maintenance Work Order. degree, but never got it. When I transferred from Asbury to the University of Kentucky, I found professors at UK to be nicer, more involved in my learning, more supportive, more Christian, and more ethical than my Asbury experience. She told me that I was uncapable of loving because i had not experienced Gods Love. How rude of her to think she knows my life and that I had not experienced Gods love! So go ahead and get offended on the internet because someone you dont even know wrote down the rules of strict colleges and made snarky comments about them. In this article, our anonymous author discusses the practical, common sense issues with the policy, the detailed policy issues within the student handbook, and a Biblical review of the alcoholic prohibition instated at Cedarville. 3) If God destroyed a city because there were some gay people there, the takeaway shouldnt be that homosexuality is wrong, the takeaway should be that the Old Testament God is an evil monster who at best needs to be disobeyed and at worst needs to be destroyed. -Underage gambling is also against the law (and also gives into the sin of greed) Social and dance clubs as well face quite a bit of consternation. They make you go to bed by 11pm every night, even on weekends, no matter what homework projects you may may be working on, no matter what, no exceptions, unless you want demerits. __________________________ Probably a shock, but I not only know how to cook and clean, I also do the home repairs, budget,renovations, I sew and Im active with several charities, many Christian. Center for Teaching and Learning. I am not a follower of Christianity nor do I have a problem with that, but these establishments are making the entire religion look crazed and judgmental Just sayin. However, these organizations listed in this article are forcing students to live by ridiculously strict rules and I dont see how anyone can think this is the right way to live. Cedarvilles prohibition of alcohol simply diversifies students tactics to engage in the habits they will inevitably choose to form. BUT, they do not have any rules against you watching them on your own, or even on things like violent video games. Additionally, using any source (such as D.A. Its interesting how no one stops to consider how small their God & free will must be in order to need such standards. However, responsible use is not sinful, which is our primary point in this article. Actuallythe standards for Brigham Young University are slightly off. their own standards, and this writer makes fun of them as hopelessly pathetic. AND, IF I had not experienced Gods love, Why doesnt she try to show me instead of disipline me when I did nothing wrong!!!!!! Carson, writing for what is arguably Cedarvilles favorite theology blog The Gospel Coalition, writes, one should not confuse the logic of 1 Corinthians 8 with the stance that finds a strong legalist saying to a believer who thinks that eating meat offered to idols is acceptable, You may think that such action is legitimate, but every time you do it you are offending meand since you are not permitted to offend me, therefore you must not engage in that activity.. Or are they treating free-willed adults as if petulant children incapable of forging their own individual perceptions, decisions, and behaviors without being fed someone elses interpretations of Christian dogma? Required fields are marked *. such as premarital sex, pornography, etc. As part of this I had to see the Dean of Men and he told me of a couple who rubbed against each other until bad things happened apparently he was expecting me to admit the same (4) One time in a private setting in a social area for couples to spend time she sat on my lap we were told by a person representing the college this was inappropriate behavior; (5) chapel attendance was required and attendance taken and I believe 2 misses meant disciplinary action (6) guys and girls were not allowed to swim together although I believe this has changed (7) Very little help was provided if you needed help in academics, although one of the college missions is to provide help to those in KY who had inferior high school experiences (6) It was extremely rule oriented it was about following the rules and not about development and transformation as a responsible ethical who loved God and Christ. They love to give demerits there and everyone is encouraged to be a snitch. They claimed to preach the message of God, but in his hour of need, while he struggled with substance abuse and depression, they kicked him out of the school. To be sure, the school was known more for its strict rules back in the 1980s than for its educational prowess, and those rules were sexist (women had to wear skirts) and ridiculous (movie theatres were banned but VCRs weren't). To try to fix me, I was taken to a church, beat, water thrown on me, dragged to a stage and forced to confess things Id never done. Unfortunately, 1 Corinthians 8 is the famous and ever-taken-out-of-context passage used by Christians to justify substituting their convictions for Biblical truths. Students are not to attend bars or clubs where alcohol is the primary feature. Here are two rules that are across the board on campus (that your RA will be giving you more detail about once you arrive on campus) . But some schools, most especially those affiliated with the evangelical Christian movement in the United States, raise a number of extremely difficult questions with their adherence to a highly restrictive code of values. Why all the restrictions regarding dancing? Especially for women it was very restrictive. Adding onto my last post you must have been reading a 40 year old manual when you wrote this stuff about Asbury. This, unfortunately is a perk of many religious institutions. Sure it hurt like hell but if it helps me be a better wife someday isnt that worth it ? YAAAY ORU and all the others. Be offended but remember that nobody cares youre offended. Cedarville police were called to the Stevens Student Center Tuesday morning after a 911 caller reported that a male student had been stabbed. An aquiantance who attended Bob Jones U told me that she was forced to accept an offer to go on a date with a guy she wasnt interested in because by not doing so she might miss the opportunity to meet the future mate God intended for her. We hope you continue to read and criticize our articles. Furthermore, students may be dismissed if they attend a party where alcohol is present, whether or not the student makes what the University would deem wise choices by avoiding drinking. Possessing legal pornography, light to moderate drinking (even non-alcoholic versions of beer or cocktails), gambling, premarital or extramarital sex (regardless of whether or not the latter take place within an open relationship), dressing immodestly, supporting or practicing religious beliefs in line with the occult (with the lines of what constitutes such practices never explicitly stated), using profanity, tobacco, engaging in or supporting homosexuality, and having or supporting abortions are also very much in violation of the schools strict moral guidelines.. Restrictions only cause problems for those who dont agree with the lifestyle. Students are not to attend clubs or bars where alcohol is the primary feature and Students are not permitted to attend parties where alcohol is being used in a manner that violates university standards.. The place else may just I am getting that kind of information written in such an ideal manner? Im not a Christian and yet I do not have pictures pasted on the internet of myself drunk and naked I dont even use Facebook or alcohol. Were MADE in Gods image, and so the things we feel and do were felt by God first! Sex is frequent, furious, and freaky. Not sure why you find prohibition of Occult practices to be a bad thing for those attending a Christian university. Folk dancing? Whether you are the religion these campuses represent or not. He let people reach out and touch him because to touch him was to touch life and forgiveness, no matter their past or present. Alcohol makes a person less alert and diminishes self-control. Isnt that what freedom means: choosing what you want to do and suffering the consequences for your actions. If the truth is found in the Bible, abide in it, and depart not from it. Students are also prohibited from recreational drug use, misusing legally prescribed medications, or using synthetic street drugs or medical marijuana. In addition to outright banning the expected illegal and discourteous behaviors, premarital sex and homosexuality are considered as absolute in their alleged offense to God and society as stealing and lying. Penalties may include fines and/or imprisonment. It is not discouraged at all! Who is she to judge!? Instagram. I was there when the movie came out, and I remember some other students calling me unspiritual because I chose not to watch the movie with them. Since, as was noted in the introduction, it usually remains the students choice to partake of such environments, I dont think that we can disapprove of these schools on ethical or legal grounds. I have yet to understand why people go out of their way to attack our schools when the rules do not affect them in any way whatsoever. The rule is to err on the side of caution in wisdom. Except he isnt the one setting it; its man claiming to speak for him. A student may be subject to involuntary withdrawal from the University or from University housing if the student engages or threatens to engage in the following: Behavior that poses a danger of causing physical harm to self or others. I attended Asbury for my first 2 years of college and met my wife there. Cedarville University is an independent Baptist school located in Cedarville, Ohio, which teaches its academics "by Christian tradition" meaning, believing that their take on religion is the only right view, that free speech is a no-no, that gays are evil, that evolution is religion and creationism is science, that the bible is a history textbook and that any TV show/movie/video game/book . Guess what these colleges are wrong to force students to suppress their governing rights that were written long before most of these colleges where even developed. Case in point: I had been dating the same guy for over three years. Amos prophecy describes the restoration of Gods people as involving drinking wine. According to the student handbook, Nearly 70% of our undergraduates are under the legal drinking age. 14; 1 Cor. put a sock in it. If you honestly think that the way these colleges are conducting themselves and imposing religion upon students is a good thing, well then I dont know. Attempting to undermine everything I believe in? There is no doubt in my mind that students who wish to drink will find a way to do so, just like students who struggle with sexual temptation will find a way to engage in such activities if that is truly the desire of their hearts. 13:13; Rom. There are as many answers as there are people to consider the questions, because the world exists in shades of grey. In accordance with their Mormon faith, students must also refrain from the expected and reasonable discourteous and illegal behavior but coffee, tea, responsible alcohol consumption, and tobacco are also disallowed as well. Regardless of popular opinion, political correctness, or the ideas of major theologians, truth is always truth. More information on the personal care attendant policy and other disability accommodations is available at cedarville.edu/disabilities . Unfortunately, many forms of dancing are closely associated with things that undermine godliness. In addition, they must refrain from participating in any pro-gay demonstrations or distribute literature involving equal marital and legal rights for their community. Evansville, IN Deaconess Sports Park. The articles goal is to make you think some of these colleges are creating robots and the students walk around with bibles in one arm and a notebook in the other. The most important thing to remember is that each person attending these schools is a responsible adult. We should not drink alcohol around underage students or those who struggle with alcoholism. Register for Classes (Students) - Student Planning. http://www.pcci.edu/ Do you think Id have argued about a college? Any freshmen taking less than 24 hours of coursework must be in their dorm rooms by midnight on Monday through Wednesday and 12:30 AM on Friday through Sunday. Please reply, This is not a comment, but a request. They rally behind the 10 Commandments, but when asked about their own practices, they quickly throw up the New Testament. If such is the case with these schools, then it cannot be argued that they are in anyway unfair in strictly enforcing the rules. I was kicked out of BJU twice and finally asked to not come back to finish my JR semester. Perhaps they are harmful. Drinking alcohol is certainly disputed between Christians with different opinions on it, but it is not a disputed doctrine. The point is, in my opinion, someone needs to establish guidelines for our youth. Dyed hair and faddish or extreme styles are out, as are any piercings beyond the ears or a nose stud presumably allowed for cultural reasons. People can have jobs with alcohol or tobacco. go to freethoughtpedia and look up PCC and read the review of a former student. If anything, its pushing them further away because they feel even more separated from God. She would not entertain any of our children going to Asbury. Which brings up the question Why go there if you dont fit? Facebook. That basically means being a jackass and expressing your self is better than being idiotic enough to try to stop them because of the First Amendment. Sexual abuse and incest are very understandably considered a violation due to their illegality and penchant for psychological damage, but legal activities like abortion, premarital and extramarital sex (even within the confines of an open marriage), and homosexuality are held up as just as appalling. Id go ahead and start packing. So quit whining about some article some guy wrote on the internet 3 years ago about the strict standards set forth by some colleges and start asking yourself- do these standards actually bring people closer to God or are they pushing us further away? Furthermore, to your own point, most Cedarville students arent even at drinking age, so its not even that big of an issue. You arent allowed to have your own opinions about anything and creativity and individuality is totally stifled. I know Id want someone to visit me. But most, if not all, of these schools require their faculty to live up to the same or stricter standards standards that the faculty and the school believe are right. They also require the students to dress up for all morning classes, no matter what the class was too. Shoes should be worn in academic buildings, chapel, and the dining hall at all times. All students with a course load of 6 hours or more are required to contribute at least 6 hours of volunteer work in a Christian-related field per month, and they are heavily discouraged from taking jobs that distract from the schools staunch moral guidelines. It might be time for a look at the past before blaming a school for your wifes lack of faith Just saying. My daughter graduated from Asbury this year. -Sex (do I really need to explain?) Incidentally, the D.A.R.E. I went to Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles and the school is laid back we can have alcohol on campus go to dance clubs if we want to,so I say this GO FUCK yourself you religious nuts, I attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles They dont have strict rules lie BJU which I think is a little extreme If I want to go to Dance Clubs or a bars I will Let them try to stop me because I will Tell to where to go and how to get there. "Clothing should not be excessively short or revealing," the handbook reads. He made us to love each other and him. College is not supposed to be your babysitter, it is a learning experience meant to prepare you for the way the world is. But controlled and responsible use of alcoholwhich Christians too often forget was how Jesus approached alcoholshould not be limited because it has the mere potential to be used irresponsibly. Even if you are a staunch conservative fundamentalist christian, I would not recommend attending Pensacola Christian College. They make you go to chapel church services every single day, and some days you have to go to church more than once, the only exception is if you are sick enough to be in the infirmary. Students are also reminded that underage drinking violates federal law. It should be Students hoping to visit any friends of the opposite sex IN THEIR DORM ROOMS can visit on Fridays. You dont have to get permission from families, no files kept. I had to quit dressing slovenly and learned to dress well. Political or social demonstrations including harmless picketing are completely banned on campus, and the University heavily discourages participating in any held off-campus as well. Cedarville does their best to preserve their image among students, and that is a precaution that I dont think is unreasonable. 23:3135; Prov. We can have/get tattoos, we dont have to attend church at all if we dont want to. It was merely noted that many outside the affiliated fundamentalist organizations may look over their rules and find their jaws dropping. Located in Cedarville, Ohio, Cedarville University is a mid-size four year private college offering both undergrad and graduate programs. I graduated from ORU, great school! when they prohibit homosexuality while prohibiting interaction with the opposite sex. Just as with eating food offered to idols, as Paul discusses, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with alcohol consumption. Other academic levels are not stringently held to these policies, but they must sign out if they want to return after curfew. You make it out to seem way worse than it is. Women have to wear a dress or skirt and hose most of the time. Dallas Christian College directly addresses individuals who feel their extremely staunch policies are either too slack or too restrictive, stating that such measures strike a balance between freedom and Christian piety. and everyone is a sinner, but it is much better to have standards (standing for something morally When you look at little children laughing, or animals playing, or men and women gathering together to talk and experience the presence of others, youre witnessing God at work. First, living under such strict rules has detrimental consequences. So, to be clear: Students may not eat at a brewery, alehouse, or pub even if they are just going to eat food because they can be dismissed from the University. I agree that drinking alcohol responsibly is not a sin and there should be no shame in that. You willingly agree to their rules when you come here and they arent a secret. Dry Town: Why Cedarville Township exists as one of only hundreds of dry towns in the U.S. I think that the questions that we really need to ask are (a) whether students are better off if they attend these schools, and (b) whether we ought to encourage students to attend these schools. Dictatorial societies (from countries to colleges) always invoke claims of protecting people from themselves or the protecting the society, but are always first and foremost about preserving the power structure of an elite and repressing any who might challenge the dogma they use to maintain that control. Ive also chosen to go back this Fall because it follows the Bible and the rules discourage wrong things so it is Much easier to make right decisions! All appeals for Involuntary AdministrativeWithdrawal should be addressed to the Vice President for Student Life and Christian Ministries within 48 hours of the decision. But honestly, the teachers and student body are just as lenient about the rule as they are in K-12 schools. Your email address will not be published. Because some might say that the strict rules only serve to lead people away. Feb 25 (Sat) 5:00 PM. YouTube. Youre a different kind of stupid. HA!!! Comments? Cedarville University. Cedarville goes far beyond regulations mandated in the DFSC Act by attempting to regulate the daily lives of their students whether on or off campus. Cedarvilles policy on alcohol is not founded in fact, policy, or Biblical principle. What a way to treat women like children incapable of making their own decisions! Are they genuinely pushing their students towards the path of Christ? The biblical expectation of modesty is that the conduct of both men and women, which includes but is not limited to dress, serves to enhance rather than detract from the reputation of the Gospel (1 Tim. Sports is taken seriously and we do very well in the Div One level.Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow etcthese are outstanding Christian athletes/men and went to secular schoolsyou dont have to be christian and goto to a christian college to stay christian.some students like the positive atmosphere and some just like the locationeveryone has their own preference. This rule is just so that, again, we dont have students doing the dirty on campus. Participating in dance that is sexually provocative, occurs in unhealthy environments, or accompanies lyrics that do not reflect a pure and godly lifestyle is prohibited. Ill leave you with a quote to ponder. Anallisa you are extremely vulgar! I imagine that most people know about the tendency of people who live in extremely sheltered and restrictive environments to go wild as soon as these restrictions are removed and they realise how much freedom they have, because they never learnt self-control. (IF you live somewhere else then you should not know what most of these colleges are anyways because they are in the U.S) This country has set its standards and limitations and guess what the four founding fathers said my dear friends, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.. Major infractions largely accepted by mainstream society and allowed under American law include dating violation[s], owning potentially offensive media (which will get confiscated), swimming with the opposite sex, patronizing a movie theatre, attending a concert, receiving a tattoo or piercing, gambling, possessing pornography, or purchasing and using tobacco (even when of age). An upper classman lied and told the dean that I had looked at a male student in a sexual manner while walking home from chapel and was campused w/in the first weeks there. *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. Most of the punishment is reserved for any involving impropriety, however. Nearly 70 percent of our undergraduates are under the legal drinking age. and the campus is primarily pro-life, yes. . You were assaulted and hurt by what that person did to you, and, rightfully, you should be, but I doubt someone like that could be a true Christian, and if they were, they were not in Gods will. 8; Gal. For these students, drinking is not only unwise, it is also illegal. While this is undoubtedly true, the policy fails in two major areas. However, the rule only worked one way. I know a boy who went to a very hypocritical high school. Absolutely true! These risks include, but are not limited to, physical and mental dependency, damage to the heart and lungs, and, in some cases, death. Contact our experts to see if you're a good candidate for our top MBA programs all our programs are accredited by AACSB! Nobody is perfect, no matter what school. 1st of all we agree to go to these strict schools. So do they follow the rules or not? If your happy with your life, enjoy it your clearly not hurting anyone and therefore absolutely entitled to that choice; and for many that way of life makes people better. I cant believe you missed out on Bob Jones U finally lifting their ban on interracial dating JUST ten years ago. Quite honestly, speaking as a Christian myself, attending a private Christian college is not always the best choice depending on your career path. The Catholic Church, for example If you think that sheltering yourself in colleges such as these is a good way to prepare for the world, then youre absolutely wrong. 16 17. Stephen, I think the writers point about The Passion of the Christ is that we werent supposed to watch any R-rated movies, yet we were heavily encouraged to watch The Passion of the Christ. Yes, the limitations on personal freedoms were sometimes onerous, but the tradeoffs, IMO, make the typical American college experience pale in comparison. So next time you choose to attack our schools (speaking more to some of the comments than the actual article), check your sources. But unless you go, you cant mock it because you havent even been there or checked it out. Any student requiring a personal care attendant because of a physical disability is responsible for making such arrangements. She did meet some students who were unhappy with Asbury for various reasons, like any students at any college. The former may not wear makeup, because breaking archaic gender tropes will rip the very foundations of society asunder. Unfortunately, that will probably never happen for one simple reason: Cedarville is so concerned with their image that they are more willing to treat their students like children than follow actual Biblical principles. I went to ORU and two of my children as well. I wouldnt go to any of these colleges, but youre giving them more crap than you should. Believers should also take 1 Corinthians 8-10 to heart and be sensitive to the struggles of our fellow believers. Attending chapel is mandatory, and it is heavily suggested that not participating in other Christian ceremonies or functions is highly frowned upon. ALCOHOL AND ILLEGAL AND HARMFUL SUBSTANCES The Bible contains many warnings on the use of alcohol and teaches the need for caution.

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