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Im gonna go shower, Joey announced wearily as he headed off to the bathroom. "No, it really sucks.." you pout while walking over to Monica who is now putting away the groceries. No, she did not know. I wrote the New Years kiss scene between Joey and Chandler. Joey gets sick and Chandler comforts him. You need to rest when youre sick. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (116), Chandler Bing/Ross Geller/Joey Tribbiani (4), M/M Bracket 1B. She deflated a little, but not much, when she saw the dejected twist of his lips. Joey cant help but ask about it later that day. Joey coughed loudly in response, barely managing a strained yes somewhere in the middle of the fit. Naomi is a small town girl on her way to the Big Apple. Published Feb 26, 2020. "Just me and Chandler," Rachel confirmed. Again. :-). as well as The poor guy had probably spiked a fever by now. She waited for Ross to comment on the action, he had a full view of it, after all. It was so typical of Chandler to dismiss his own feelings for the sake of making someone else feel better. Chandler Bing has always had bad luck in life. chanoey. There was none of his usual mischief shining in the coloured rings around his pupils nor a smirk on his lips. He actually appeared quite pale in the colourless light of the apartment, as though he and the walls had grown numb from the loneliness Chandler was feeling. I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable. I do not own friends or anything attached to it. you love her you will regret it one day." But he was honestly too tired and too embittered to care about what their superintendent thought. Just go to sleep.. he says, his voice filled with sarcasm. "What did he say to that?" chandler Francine "Francie" Irene Bianca "Bina" Tribbiani is the twin sister of Joseph "Joey" Francis Tribbiani Jr. Joey frowned. Okay, fine, Joey said with a huff, grabbing the bottle, and trying to hide a small, sheepish smile that Chandler knew meant he was really grateful but didnt want to admit it. He shrugged as an idea popped into his head. "What?" Joey protests instead. Phoebe repeated her action, leaving the three guys on their own. "I think he's afraid he's lost Joey, like this distance between them is more than just a couple of blocks.". There was something about the way he'd keep his lips tight and not say anything when he looked at her with those eyes that could make her heart clench. You can hear his footsteps coming closer towards the couch and soon enough there are some arms wrapped around your body. Oh god, why was he doing this to him? So I have an idea to write a Friends fanfiction where probably Rachel is sick with a cold or the flu or something. Monica bent down to kiss the youngest of the group's hair before wandering over to Rachel. You're sick, the flu, it has been going on for three days now and it's still not over. No ones really gonna miss you anyway.. 25ChandlerChandler, Joeys sleepy. He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing at his friends misfortune. you say and you can hear how sore your troath is. When the Geller-Bing family goes to Disneyland for Jack and Erica's fourth birthday, things go very wrong when Jack's life is threatened leading to his protective father, Chandler, to be shot. which he does. Youre warm, so youre probably sick because its fucking freezing in here. Well, good morning to you, too, Chandler said with a chuckle, pretending to read his watch, or should I say good afternoon?, Ha-ha, Joey said in a hoarse voice and sat down next to his roommate. Im cold, Joey whined. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Found potential And, quite selfishly, Monica didn't want him moving. He has been, all his life. Joey, no, he responded. Did she remember the hotdog, like Moms? he asked with a sniffle. She'd seen him make that expression once or twice when he was trying to get her to do things like not exercise with him. Plus, Ross had a way of bullet listing important details and not elaborating on what he observed and Rachel, even after knowing him for a year, tended to focus on the words Chandler said instead of the secret meanings behind them. He'd moved the lounge seat back into the centre of the beige apartment to take up some room, but it still felt empty and cold. I ship them. This is the first season if you will, each episode will be one chapter. Have fun reading I hope I bring the essence friends has to words. Crack taken seriously! As though the action had meant nothing to her, although Monica was secretly relieved Rachel thought nothing of it - because her boyfriend was Ross, definitely because her boyfriend was Ross and not because of anything else Rachel continued speaking, completely oblivious to the tightness in Monica's cheeks. Joey really wanted the part, but it meant he had to kiss a man. disclaimer: i own none of the characters written in this story. why did seto kaiba come to our school? he asks Chandler for a kiss for good luck. What happens when she meets a certain Italian. Joey rolled his eyes at this. . Chandler subtly mentions that its not a party to get beaten up by guys bigger and stronger than you, especially when you cant fight. you love her you will regret it one day." "Yeah sorry babe." In a certain "We told him the truth. Language: English Words: 7,153 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 1 Hits: Chandler didnt wanna say anything, but he was pretty sure it was that stupid hotdog. This work could have adult content. Mr Bing." Picture the scene: Monica and Chandler's twins Karen and Daniel are heading off to NYU. "Open your mouth." Joey ordered. That is until he meets his stalker face-to-face.He can be alone forever, or he can indulge in his stalker's affections. I am just turning the transcript into writing. I'll be uploading a chapter every week on Tuesday. left kudos on this work! "Please tell me you didn't actually say that to him. Sasholotl, whatevssatan, qatter, Minimunch11, peixeroot, teachesofpeaches, mightydeafeningmouse, TheArgo2Crew, Alzgames, smokeyourgreens, Stationery_Queen, Jexachel, Carmamind_Curtis, amugglesadly, tzaikii, like_sands_of_time, athansolo, guroseinsei, MondlerLover84, OwlWolf22091, ellie_in_space, HauntingAria715, maddietexan33, Ririfiction, bakayuni, moonlightbookgirl, annesoares, unstoppable95, IntrovertedOwl, riotgrrrlswhore, mkykszjbpc, and LokisHorcrux9 he says that he should take a break and that he should rest, relax and take it easy. Her blossoming hair, her immense beauty would make e. night changes | Joey Tribbiani 17 parts Ongoing I didn't know that the destination loves to surprises us, because I would never imagine someday I could have something with Rachel beyond our friendship. Not when it's so easy for him not to be.". Why are you still in bed anyway, its 2pm. Joey groaned, falling back onto his bed and running a hand through his hair. Shut up Ross. Friends Imagines Fanfiction. Joey shuffled in his sleep, the smile leaving his face and being replaced by a frown, Chandlers hand leaving his hair. He chuckled. Joey was a big boy and could make his own decisions. His eyes didnt leave Joeys face, and he couldnt help but grin when the smile returned to his roommates face. You can have the whole thing. "Telling your best friend that you love You always know what to say. You have to keep me warm, Joey insisted, sniffling as he lifted the blanket for Chandler to lie down next to him. Crazy shenanigans ensue when Joey has to cover for the couple whenever their sexcapades are nearly discovered. Only things don't go as smoothly as planned. Monica touched the back of the couch just by his head. By Monica nodded without registering what her friend had said and then looked up at Rachel abruptly. I can put a movie on if youd like?, Then go to sleep on the sofa. Chandler grabbed Joeys arm, pulling him with one hand and carrying Joeys duvet and pillow with the other. But then why did he feel so guilty? Chandler smiled that guilty smile, taking a small step back as he shoved his hands into his pockets and rocked back and forth on his heels. Monica wanted to know. But definitely Joey. Bad luck at work, bad luck in love, bad luck in general. This fic has been completed, but is not fully edited! She'd known Chandler for a long time and he'd lived with Ross for a lot of that time. Monica puts down a bowl of chicken soup infront of you and you smile. They were leaving anyway, he insisted, finishing with a rattling cough that earned a chorus of ews from three very talkative high school girls with lattes. If there was talk of Joey struggling to make rent or not making friends in his building, she could be certain Chandler would take drastic measures to assist him. Basically, what if episode 2.24 had gone a little differently(and then I shove some events from season four into season three for ~drama~). But something has happened to disrupt the symbiosis in this close-knit couple. Yeah. He tries everything to get more comfortable with it. 3. boy/boy (One-Shot) Vocs se lembram daquele episdio da fita de hipnose? Litterally every episode of Friends with Y/n. "That's nice," Monica bit out. He stood up, stepping sideways slightly, then back, then forwards, then back to where he started. "He just kind of looked at me with those big blue eyes and dropped his head to my shoulder," Rachel recounted. ( 1-?? One side of his head was matted with blood, making his dark hair stick to his face. It didn't suit Chandler at all. Look, youre scaring off the customers, she said just as a disgusted old couple left the shop. Under editing, Chandler Bing x Reader Joey cant sleep. The siblings have 7 sisters. "Joe? This is the first out of ten books I am planning to write. Move over. He gestured with his hands, taking a seat next to Joeys head once hes shuffled down the sofa. "He's beautiful when he's sad," Rachel commented. a blonde zoological sciences expert has just moved to new york city after her boyfriend cheated on her. Gee, thanks, Joey said with another sniffle. The one where Joey is sick Eternalkryptonite96 Summary: Joey's Sick and Chandler looks after him. It was his own fault if he overbooked himself, Chandler thought. We have tissues, yknow, he reminded Joey, waving the tissue box in his face and dropping it on his lap. The one with the made up imagines. he makes him some food, a drink and they watch T.V. her is hard but if you never told her that Whether it was so he could gesture more emphatically or help with grunt work, cold or hot, those sleeves of his were always coming up. "' ." She'd done it mostly to protect Chandler. Monica clenched her teeth. Joey really wanted the part, but it meant he had to kiss a man. ). 3. "No shit sherlock, don't you think that I'm feeling that?" He was always pushing them up above his elbows, rolling the cuffs up his forearms. Something weird like-, Euphrasia, Chandler told him. After the success of Changing the Locks, the story in which Chandler and Joey's love affair is discovered by their groups of friends, comes Happiness! Chandler buys Joey something nice on the way home maybe a gift or a cake or something. Plus, Ross had a way of bullet listing important details and not elaborating on what he observed and Rachel, even after knowing him for a year, tended to . Okay, fine- but its not gonna be all night, okay? Chandler, Joey whined again, shaking the blanket slightly as if to remind Chandler there was a space there for him. Joey looked up and nodded, a small smile on his face, dimples showing. However, his luck is about to get even worse when his attempt to avoid his annoying ex sees him flying to Yemen with a stop in Cairo, Egypt. When I asked you yelled at me! He tries everything to get more comfortable with it. They kept doing takes when it started raining, Joey explained through chattering teeth as he trudged into the apartment and pulled his coat off. ", Monica lifted her hands from the table and covered her mouth, closing her eyes. She had told Joey that Chandler had been fine without him. He has absolutely no energy to argue back, in fact, his brain can't even come up with a properly sarcastic comeback. SLOW UPDATES GAY CRAP AND SOME MAKING OUT Lunch. Rachel crouched down on the floor and petted Joeys cheek, making baby noises. ", "His eyes," Rachel explained. a blonde zoological sciences expert has just moved to new york city after her boyfriend cheated on her. Joey fears that hes working too hard and hes over doing it. And I know, but you itll take much longer for you to get better if you dont go back to sleep. and cuddle on the sofa. What words did he use exactly? "Our offices aren't too far from each other, and we can meet up for lunch. Inside was Joey. She had known it when she had left Chandler with Rachel and Ross and she was almost happy to have been proven correct. I thought today would be normal but little did i know that when i walked in to the coffe shop i would meet my soulmate. phoebebuffay chandler ross +12 more # 12 Roxie Bing | she's the one by jay 40K 823 20 This is a direct sequel to Changing the Locks, so I suggest you read it first, but it's not necessary to understand the plot. A forewarning this will be very dialogue heavy because since I dont own friends I dont want to put thoughts into their heads so I am just going off what they say and do. He dropped the bedding on the floor next to the bed, and lightly pushed Joey into a sitting position in front of the TV. " {" ' , ' , ' -" Chandler carefully lifted his hand to feel Joeys forehead, finding it incredibly hot. Truth or dare (smut) by lillylovesfriendss. Joey has an audition in which he has to kiss a man. But seriously, Joey, you should really go home., I cant, Joey said waspishly. Yes, she remembered the hotdog, Chandler said with an eye-roll as he started heating the soup up. Just go to sleep and- Chandler stopped short when he noticed the adorable pout on Joeys face. Chandler put a finger to his lips and made a shushing noise. Us Tribbianis are tough, he said, barely finishing the phrase before he broke off with a messy, pitiful sneeze. I am still in bed. Chandler stared at Joey for a few seconds before rolling his eyes and pulling Joeys duvet back up to his shoulders. Bruises littered his arms and there was a dirty shoe impression in his back. Please consider turning it on! A knock on the door brought his to his senses, so he stood up and answered the door. Rachel, who had a boyfriend and had for a while now, and Chandler, who knew of the boyfriend and also knew considered him to be one of his brothers. It doesn't look like Joey's coming back any time soon.". F.R.I.E.N.D.S FANFICTION But really, everyones gonna be there. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. He teaches 6th grade and also has 2 kids. starts in s3. get some two hours ago. "' ." He was portrayed by Matt LeBlanc . Chandler seems to learn new things every day. ", ." Phoebe repeated her action, leaving the three guys on their own. And in May 2004, she became a mother. Chandler didnt even have the time to greet him before he had run into the bathroom. The One With The Cracker Jack, Part 1. Slow burn, "The actress (No, not Jack and Erica - they don't exist in this story.) "What did he say exactly?" Nails (TOW All The Rugby) (contains violence, not extremely explicit, but still)please take care of yourself, and don't read if it makes you uncomfortable. The One With The Dirty Duck. Episode: s08e16 The One Where Joey Tells Rachel Love Confessions Love Rejection Friendship Emotional He's going to do it. .Friends (TV) (392) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (2) Merlin (TV) (2. I can't find much Friends sick fics anywhere, all the ones I find with sick Monica, Rachel or Phoebe they wind up being pregnant, and I've only found 1 sick fic with Joey and he wound up having cancer! Chandler rolled his eyes and chucked a box of tissues at his friend, which hit him on the head. Joeys nervous about an audition he has the next day. what happens when my english teacher gets attacked my evil chickens and Seto kaiba replaces her? The next morning Chandler was surprised to find Joey awake before him- though he wasnt surprised to find him sitting up on the couch with the waste basket between his legs, hacking into it. UNDER EDITING . Joey spin-off will not be counted in this fanfiction. When Joey proposes to just go with them Ross says that maybe getting beat up is just something every man has to go through once in their life. He is seriously going to do it. 4. nkotb, marriage, love. Chandler! Joey called out hoarsely, practically whining. They have succeeded in their love life, their careers and their family. Phoebe repeated her action, leaving the three guys on their own. Basically, what if episode 2.24 had gone a little differently(and then I shove some events from season four into season three for ~drama~). I fell asleep at 9 last night and didnt wake up until just now. Joey frowned. She entered the co After Monica and Chandler move out to their new home with jack and Erica, and Joey moves to la to pursue his career, we can't help but wonder what happened to Ross and R Esta uma histria contada em 1. In which a struggling actor and a stressed-out florist bounce between a relationship and a friendship. "No.." you mumble as he sits down besides you. On May 15, 2001, she realized her first dream: to be a bride. He inched downwards, planting his lips onto his younger friends forehead before standing up quickly. 279 guests Alone. How amazing for him. friends is my newest obsession so i decided to make one Chandler: (Mocking) Wow, videos! ** Get back into bed. Joey glanced down. Starting from "The One With the Ick Factor", I wanted to pursue a alternate path where Joey and Chandler fall in love. How will the family cope with Chandler now fighting for his life in a coma? Monica rolled her eyes and looked at her oldest friend. Chandler, Im really cold. When Joey learns that Chandler's moving out, he does everything he can to convince him to stay. Please cuddle me. Well be over in our apartment if youre gonna come over when he wakes up. Anything can happen & Anything goes:Plot wise, Trope wise. Joey shuffled in his sleep, the smile leaving his face and being replaced by a frown, Chandler's hand leaving his hair. This is my first Friends fic, I hope you guys like it. I actually think its a really pretty name, Chandler commented, at which Joey shrugged. Im trying to sleep! Chandler called back, feigning annoyance. Read Happiness to find out. he asks before pressing a kiss onto your head. Joey Tribbiani Phoebe Buffay Jack Bing Erica Bing Jack Geller Judy Geller Janice Litman Mike Hannigan Psychological Drama Drama & Romance Family Drama In 1998, Monica realized that the love of her life was right next to her. Monica exclaims.3. It will take me a million years but Ill get there eventually. Monica hung her coat up on the rack and paused there, not turning to look at Rachel just yet. "Rachel! (Requests are open). He sat down on the couch next to Phoebe and Ross. Thankfully, he must have fallen asleep by then, since the noise had stopped, leaving comfortable silence in its place. Gay Friends oneshots but mainly chanoey/Jandler fluff things. She is excited to start a life away from her parents and continue her passion for writing. I just started watching Friends (and I have a huge crush on Chandler), so if you wrote something I would love to read it. "Telling your best friend that you love They'd just come back from another morning at Joey's new apartment, and they wanted to let Chandler know he was doing okay. I figured he shouldn't be alone right now. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Joey Tribbiani/Original Female Character(s)/Original Male Character(s), The One Where Joey Kisses Chandler on New Years Day (and its never addressed again in canon but Im going to change that), I just want to make you feel better & i just want you to be happy again. and a cute, sleepy Joey.. Meta writer, reader, author, and artist. But I just held him against me like that until he felt better. I've been watching a lot of Friends recently and I got inspired :) I hope you all enjoy! Joey: (Excitedly) Look what I got! I did not write this summary I found it on google. Joey wasnt sure he cared, as Chandlers hands slid behind his back, and he wasn't sure if that made him worse.. The One Where Joey Sleeps With Monica And Chandler's Daughter. Joey was just cold and looking for warmth, and there was no way Chandler was going to cuddle him if he knew he didnt genuinely want to do it. No me responsabilizo por dar spoilers, sejam de que temporada forem! Joey gave his nose a thick blow and shook his head. You need it.. man.. F.R.I.E.N.D.S FANFICTION True Friends ~Ben and Joey and Elektrolytes friendship story 18 pages December 12, 2012 Shawna Marie Morales She is excited to start a life away from her parents and continue her passion for writing. She knew those eyes. Joey and Chandler had a big fight about their relationship. The One When Phoebe Murders Joey. Oh well, its not like you have to get anywhere today.. So I have an idea to write a Friends fanfiction where probably Rachel is sick with a cold or the flu or something. Although Im really not sure why you want the hot dog in it.. She finds it the perfect opportunity to take her mind off of Ross. You didnt have to get me anything, he insisted, running a hand lazily under his flowing nose. I forgot how nasty that stuff was, he said with a sniffle. And take Phoebe. Under editing, Chandler Bing x Reader

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