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We live in Sherwood and while not super convenient for golf, there is not a better area to raise kids and the schools are really good. First I believe Portland and Waverly are both on waiting lists and are invite only. Lots of the holes play uphill into the wind, so you can face some really tough shots. I live in SE Portland, and these are the closest to my house, which is a primary consideration. I would put Tualatin down on my list and just as soon drive to Edgewater, Royal Oaks, or Riverside before I would join there. Got a full clubhouse tour and then went out with the head pro for a complete tour of the course. Arnold Palmer Invitational 2023 (*** NO LIV DISCUSSIONS/REFERENCES ***), BGT Stability tour black with Scotty Cameron pistolini grip, Srixon ZX5 Iron Set Modus 120X; ZX 3 Wood KBS-70 Cat 4 X, My idiocy is your gain, Ventus TR Red 6x Driver $old, 2022 Scotty Cameron Phantom X7, Stealth DHY19, Rangefinder, Shafts. Bit I think they are solid challenging courses. Golf Memberships . watching a live game take place in front of your very eyes. This place has been around since 1924. This level of exclusivity provides easy access to the golf course, for example, with every . The heavy rain hit then so much of the end of the turn and the first half of the back was kinda a blur. Just about to start this process myself. Call (260)-726-4646 today. heard the course is good. The last three years they've dumped a ton of effort into drainage, especially on the back nine. I pay 270 / mo for a couples membership for unlimited golf and range balls. Its so not-stuffy that they even have a term for that opposing vibe. [quote name='FlyFish' timestamp='1396596305' post='9017251'] Head to downtown Portland to visit the, . $675 for 6/1 2020 - 5/31/2021 and you get heavily discounted rates at eastmoreland, heron lakes, rose city, and red tail. cooper wave house value; blue raspberry vodka shots; Want to Play. The range is just meh. It truly is breathtaking. The MAC has personal trainers, fitness experts, wellness experts, yoga classes, Pilates group classes, swimming classes, swim teams, synchronized swimming, yoga, dance, hiking, golf, football, and volleyball. ENTER NOW! Someone mentioned the prisoners yelling; that's on two holes, max, and it's not like it's constant. It's not long on the scorecard, but it's long in play. Columbia is a wonderful course and well managed. Sources claim that initiation fees can start at $35,000+ and annual dues can be more than high five figures. Am thinking about joining a private club and was wondering if there are members on WRX from one of these: If you have questions about moving to Portland, feel free to call, text, or email. There is also the added cost and liability nobody wants an assessment. Better course, better facilities (range, mason course, TM Lab), great playing membership (lots of competitive AMs). There's just no easy way to get to Reserve/Pumpkin from here, and access is primary. Being hard ot hearing will not help here. would be much appreciated. I've had the pleasure of playing this Portland gem a handful of times in the last few years. The members are very golf-oriented and laid back for the most part. That doesn't mean I was going to drive to Pumpkin, but for me, anything on the East side was probably fair game. I forgot to mention earlier that it is also one of the better draining courses in the Portland area. Thanks for the reply. A pristine, exclusive golf course located right in the heart of southwest Portland, this is the golf club to which Portlanders grow up. A pool is nice, but to me seems entirely unnecessary here in Oregon (maybe Medford is an exception or something). 20710 Portland Golf Club 20711 Springwood Country Club 20712 Wentworth Falls Country Club 20730 Broken Hill Golf + Country Club Hidden. - Oregon Golf (not a fan of the course but it's so close to my house!!!) 15800 NW Country Club Dr Portland, OR 503-690-4589. The current fund balance is $965,000. I'm glad you were able to play although it was surprising they put you out on a Monday. When you visit Portland Golf Club, you can enjoy the 38,000 square foot fully-modernized clubhouse. It wouldn't be a problem for me but for the family. Many families gather at Waverly to share the first-rate amenities or to post up on the river for picnic food and drinks. On Saturday I shot a 76 to tie for the lead after round 1 at my club championship. $9.00 (Anytime) Seniors 55 & over. NOW AVAILABLE: GolfWRX G/Fore Hats and Holderness & Bourne Polos! There is also the added cost and liability nobody wants an assessment. I lived in West Linn when I originally joined. Now the city is still generally VERY safe. Marketing & Membership DIrector kalle.granada@cecc.com. Lots of ownership changes over the years. Troon, Scotland. $675 for 6/1 2020 - 5/31/2021 and you get heavily discounted rates at eastmoreland, heron lakes, rose city, and red tail. only 20 mins from my house and not much traffic. It had the best deal for me, by far. [/quote] WV, Tualatin, and OGC were the main contenders. Not that I'm a range guy (although I should be). Upload or insert images from URL. The Clubs Board and Committee system, run by Members, are vigilant about maintaining a healthy balance of exclusive access, financial efficiency, and long term vibrancy. I'll have to look into Riverside a bit more. We live in Wilsonville. That being said, I really enjoyed my time there, and would recommend it to anyone as an "entry level" country club. Don't know anyone who's a member. Are you planning on renting or buying right away? While the balls are reduced distance, the feel is the same, and they seem to fly true. Membership. Good stuff. I don't see myself getting bored with it anytime soon. To give you an accurate idea of the kind of vibe you can expect here, its safe to say that the traditions it was founded on have really stayed the same throughout time. . Even if you are working in Downtown there are options especially if you live near the light rail. Would also be nice to be family friendly so can take my wife and one year old to the pool during the summer. Here's my list that are no longer being considered and why. From what I could see of the fairways, they were in great shape, and I was able to walk around on the par 3 course and tossed a ball onto a couple greens, which actually bounced and rolled beautifully. - Persimmon (location and course winter play) Never really looked into OLCC. What about Portland, Waverley, Pumpkin or the Reserve? We have a 1.5 year old daughter and likely will have another one on the way in the not too distant future, hence the focus on schools. If you want to get out at WV, let me know. We were instructed that we'd be able to tee off . Members here really cheer each other on in the good spirit of competitive sportsmanship. Like-minded individuals who really care about being active and having fun. The MAC is the largest indoor athletic club in the entire world. This category does include access to the Private Club Network. Age 26-30: 320. Portland is a city with tons of hidden haunts to explore, and Portlands best membership clubs are a great place to start. Heron Lakes and rose city have active mens clubs with competitive games 2-3 times a week. Like private clubs, there are memberships for individuals, family, corporate and non-residents. cons - just haven't really heard much about the place so I have nothing to go on) Entry into all Port Fairy Golf Club Competitions. Located in the Raleigh Hills neighborhood in Southwest Portland, this club offers some of the best views in . More than a golf club, it's community, camaraderie, and belonging. At number 7, we have the Portland Golf Club. If you would like to be added to the waitlist for the 2023 season, please call the pro shop at 207-797-3524. I have talked to a few people over the last few months and gotten a lot of advice. Intermediate Membership (18-23 Yrs) Entitled to Full 7 Day Course Access. When you spend time at the University Club, you get to network with people and enjoy the clubs different banquet rooms where youll taste some of the best food in the city. (815) 477-0055. It's also pretty common to find the course empty during the day, and especially the evenings. I'm 33, and very, VERY rarely played with anyone close to my age at Rock Creek. TEE CB2 15* 3w, 43" 65g Fujikura Motore F1 S-flex. Have scheduled a round through the Club Manager out there next week. They use the grass during the summer. Strictly golf something I definitely appreciate. $640. PORTLAND GOLF CLUB v. COMMISSIONER OF . Membership Form. Thick, luscious fairways that could pass for greens at many private clubs lead to challenging set ups throughout the course. Plays well all year. I didn't find there to be a whole lot of negotiating room when I dealt with some of the clubs, but ended up a club where it wasn't really necessary either. Being able to hit off grass (double sided range) year round is a nice perk. I have not played any of these places except The Reserve. Alright, finally, while I was never a member at The Reserve, I've played both courses frequently having lived five minutes from the course. Any place I'm missing? If youre thinking about moving anywhere in the Portland Metro, make sure you give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email or even send us a pigeon carrier. Much nicer locker room, work out room, restaurant/bar, etc. Atmosphere is definitely golf oriented, which I appreciate, and food minimums are small and include alcohol. Spent the afternoon at Edgewater and Riverside. - Edgewater (love the course but location and traffic aren't going to be much better then Royal Oaks) The only difference between these two categories is . The second hole is huge. ", Ive played every course thats been discussed in this thread at least once and have been or ama member at two of them. Happy Valley or actually in Portland? And, it gets chiller still; If you want an even more laid back atmosphere, you can go downstairs to the Green Room where they have cocktails, small plates, and snacks. Having the pool assures that everyone gets some use out of this large expense even if it's just a couple months outta the year. The course itself is in immaculate condition. I'm comfortable going a lot higher, especially if it means cutting out commute time. OLCC is a nice club, but the practice area and layout of the course kind of detract from the whole thing. Its not just the unparalleled golfing experience that makes Oregon Golf Club so great. My girlfriend probably gets more utility out of it than I do, but it is a nice amenity. Riverside is a little more laid back and I personally like the atmosphere better. Your link has been automatically embedded. Membership Cost. Sounds like CECC, PGC, Waverly are top choices? I would absolutely avoid them like the plague. I live close-in SE PDX, not too far from Eastmoreland, where I play quite a bit in the summer, but mostly play at Langdon (love the course, but not the drive) and play/practice at Heron Lakes (not far from work). Established in 1914, Portland Golf Club is regarded as one of the most prestigious, challenging, and enjoyable member-owned golf clubs in the Pacific Northwest and continues to cultivate its place in history as a championship golf facility. APPLY NOW: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! The atmosphere is also fantastic. The location and amenities sure are nice. West side is more suburbs and families but much cleaner. Fill in your information below and we'll get in touch to schedule your visit. Will have to look into it more but on the surface it doesn't seem like a golf minded club. I also know a guy who recommended Rock Creek and said he really enjoys being a member there, and that it is more golf-oriented. Its 600,000 square feet of pure awesomeness. Its also that they have a very inclusive, family-friendly environment. Definatly pushed me over the edge as to wanting to be a member at a club. Sounds nice. Started Thursday at 04:13 AM, By . #1 is a good opening hole. I'm a member at WVCC and I love the place. r/Portland Posted by diskieohtaPNW. This is a private club located near the Portland Oregon airport. A great deal on a membership that you end up not using isnt a good deal. As a walk-in, you will almost always have to endure dreadfully long wait times. Intermediate & Intermediate Active (21-35) Non-stockholder. Not only is it an amazing golf course, but it really prides itself on having a very community-centric environment. It was pretty wet and muddy on Monday in the Pro-Am. Enjoyed the tree lined fairways. . Course was dried out enough that I didnt have a single ball plug. If you want more info, send me a PM and I'd be happy to chat. I also liked the clubhouse and the guys they paired me up with were fun to play with. As well as the incredible golf, Waverly Country Club has tennis, bocce ball areas, play areas for the kids, and a swimming pool. Not sure what the experience there is like, but they definitely have golf-minded people there, if Scott is any indication. It is VERY liberal in terms of homelessness being a HUGE problem and the taxes are absolutely ridiculous. If you play a lot, it's a nice private area. Head to downtown Portland to visit the Multnomah Whiskey Library. If youre thinking about moving anywhere in the Portland Metro, make sure you, give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email or even send us a pigeon carrier. They had no info available on fees and such. Really enjoyed the calm quiet course. If you want to be a Sherwood Country Club or Bel-Air Country Club member, be prepared to pay around $155,000 to join. Cost. Corporate Platinum Memberships - The Ultimate in Golf, Games, Food and Fun I have three little ones and the hope is they will be into golf but you never can tell. View all of the golf courses in Portland, OR. ENTER NOW! "take that, you miserable little white swine! . RedTail Golf Club. If you love the game and are playing weekly, you should definitely consider a membership to a golf club. I didn't originally mention PGC or Wave, since they're both clearly in another bracket. Golf Courses. You cannot paste images directly. To receive more information or to schedule a tour please fill . They did have a fitness center, which my wife would like, and their initiation fees were reasonable. I understand that it's not for everyone. I am a member and while I don't like to promote it to keep membership down, Rock Creek CC is a cheap no frills option. I guess it boils down to what exactly you're looking for. I don't really dislike the course it's just never struck me on first impression as a place I'd like to walk/play all the time. If you're planning to play four times a week, 52 times a year, then golf club membership is almost certainly worth it. I live in West Linn and mostly golf out at Stone Creek, OGA, or Langdon but play all around town. $585.00: Junior . Haven't played Persimmon but heard good things. Whether you are searching for an individual, family, or corporate golf membership, it's important that your Oregon golf membership provides the right kind of course, environment, and amenities that meet your needs. Portland Golf Club was established in 1914 and has a reputation for being one of the most prestigious member-owned clubs in Oregon. Anyone have much experience with Tualatin or Willamette? Pay and Save, Inc. 4.6 star. - Edgewater (love the course but location and traffic aren't going to be much better then Royal Oaks) So whats great about Waverley is the grounds are in pristine condition and you get a backdrop of the Willamette River. You can get a proprietary membership which allows full access to the golf course, the practice facilities, the dining facilities, and all the events for not only you, but your immediate family as well. Your link has been automatically embedded. As a member, you will also be invited to tastings and private events, and theyll outfit you with your own set of custom glassware as well. Thanks a bunch again for your opinions. It's a full concept country club and everything about it is superb. Cole_Williams11 Edward Jones Investments . Good luck and have fun shopping! Membership Type Annual price Subscription fees Green fees Total annual price; OCC Gold 2023: S$8,560: S$1,086: S$0: S$9,646: Keppel Club: S$9,000: S$1,091: . While not on the level of the upper tier CCs, the greens are fast and overall it's better than most munis. Persimmon maybe a few minutes more. Membership categories include Full Golf, Recreation, Junior and Corporate. There are many many bunkers that are perfectly maintained .The fires were oiled ice and rolled true. Yes. I'll be scheduling a round there soon as well. Based on your age I would lean more towards Portland than Waverly if that is where your heart is set. Moving to Portland later this year and looking to join a club asap, so thanks for these guiding thoughts. Member benefits include access to the stunning 18-hole championship course, the 9-hole . D | SIM2 9.0 - AD-TP7 (TX)3 |SIM2 - 15* - AD-DI7 (X), U | Srixon ZX - 18* - Modus 3 Hybrid (X)I | Callaway Apex TCB 4-PW - Nippon Tour Proto (X)W|Vokey SM8 - 50F/54M/58T - TT DG TI (S400)P| Amateur Hour Putterworks Custom. 9. Wildwood Golf Course. I also live in your area. This place has an old-school personal library feel with whiskey in place of books. This is a proprietary membership that provides full club privileges to Members, their Spouse and immediate family members through their college years. Call (361)-643-1546 or come in for a personal tour of the Club! You can post now and register later. Golf We pride ourselves on making your golf experience superior. It's a really good deal, and I definitely got my money's worth. Started Thursday at 03:24 PM, By Will have to keep WVCC in the short list. The membership director is also a great guy and a great player. Curious if anyone has a ballpark for initiation/dues for Waverley or PGC since those are the closest to the areas we're looking, as well as a preference between the two? However you want to get a hold of us, we got your back when moving to the Portland Metro. Also nearly everyone is friendly. If you want to slum it for a year there is the Portland city card. I love the course! One thing Waverly Country Club truly excels at is a shared sense of comradery. Updated on. Being an American Golf club, not so much. The average individual club membership is $520 per month, according to a survey by Golf Digest. The club also has a state-of-the-art practice facility, which spans over 10 acres. There are no formal tee times, as most members just arrange their games on the practice tee. An additional 260 people work for the clubhouse concessionaires in the pro shops, restaurants, and driving . Riverside is good, but most of the issues have been covered in this thread. Coming in at number four, we have the Oregon Golf Club. So, if you love understated luxury, Multnomah Whiskey Library is 100% the joint for you. Our members find the Club to be a fun and friendly second home that they are proud to share with their family, friends and business associates.

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