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But murder is just part of the Hodel family story, one filled with horrifying secrets that ripple across generations. Tamar Hodel, the author's half-sister, is a case in point. If I think about your father at length, I feel deeply uneasy. The only way to understand and see how it all fits together is to read all of the books, which are in fact, one ongoing investigation, each adding a significant amount of new evidence to the previous investigation. Carr, admitting that he had not read all of Steve Hodel's materials, added, "I don't have the time to either prove or disprove Hodel's investigation. I will continue to wear the dual masks of Drama (Thalia God of Comedy and Melpomene God of Tragedy). That's a lie. The affair between Hodel and the woman caused her marriage to fall apart.[4]. Tamar had the baby girl at a hospital in San Francisco. Tamar, was very clear with everyone that she only had sexual relations with her father that one time, in July 1949. Will there ever be closure? Tamar Nais Hodel, the girl on the witness stand at Hollywood's criminal court, was 14 years old in December 1949, but she seemed older. Thankyou! The handwritten envelope read, "In case of Margaret Ellen's or Glenna Jean's Death" and was initialed "WGM"; the letter was written out of fear that one or both of his teenage daughters might be killed. Cath B: I had the idea that George was her father. Again, thanks to you and my many readers for your ongoing confidence and support. Simone Y: When questioned by the police, she said she had left because "her home life was too depressing," on account of "all. But, I guess I would mainly want to pursue the WHY? Dear Sir, I have immense respect for you. Its confusing because of the two Faunas. According to George, A sexual relationship between a father and a daughter is normal. I applaud you for continuing to fight for justice for all of Georges victims. Even the Doctor who was thought to be Jack the Ripper managed to kill many women and then move to another state continuing to con people out of money as well. I have followed this entire story through my childhood into adulthood and it amazes me how strong and telling you are. My story is very similar. I also applaud your family for bringing the years of abuse and neglect to light. Man Ray took at least two photographs of George and Dorothy Hodel's children in 1945. She desperately wanted to be loved. Love you Dearly, Fauna Elizabeth Wilson /Hodel If George Hodel did in fact commit these additional "early years crimes" then it would make him one of the nation's most prolific serial killers. However disgusting and disturbing A Serbian Film might be, I think there are some striking parallels between the madness of the main antagonist and George Hodel, so I encourage you to watch the preview and read the Wikipedia article. Im about to write a book myself on the life and murder of my best friend Christine who was tortured and murdered by 3 so called friends in 2011 in San Bernardino County her body was located buried in a shallow grave, Sherry T: Most assuredly, YES. I recently appeared on several nationally televised talk shows, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz with my two great-nieces, Rasha and Yvette, who are the daughters (different fathers) of my niece, Fauna Hodel, who passed away from cancer in 2017. Yes, I am aware of the photo and am conviced it was taken by my father, just before daybreak at the scene to immortalize his surreal masterpiece. See link discussing it here. She bore, five children. Writer: I Am the Night. Family dynamics are so complex, and I thought my family was the archetype of dysfunction. She had gone to her father at age 12 and asked him to name her doll for her. I' ve contemplated factors. I hope many are encouraged by you who have also lived twilight zone lives no fault of their own. You and your family ? So it appears to the very same outcometo please George, so she indirectly was telling the truth. You have more than enough sense. I knew that wasnt the book that I had read (One Day Shell Darken), and now finding out there was also fictionalized material in the book is so disheartening. He had no part in the naming. She was eighty years old. numerous years have passed why do you think there is such resistance from LAPD when files were found in the DA vault? Two separate victims from the 1930s cases (unrelated to each other) attended school (one in high school and one in college) with George Hodel and the suggested motive, as in many of his crimes, was his hatred of being rejected by them in his youth. Steve Hodel, George's son, even claims his father was the Zodiac Killer. No, LAPD nor any other LE agency has never done any testing. George Hodel wasn't Zodiac. I suppose thats a normal reaction when pondering a sociopathic ghoul who hates women and is incapable of feeling compassion, warmth, or tenderness for fellow human beings. Born on October 10, 1907, George Hill Hodel Jr. was raised in Los Angeles, California by his parents, George Sr. and Esther Hodel, who were of Russian Jewish ancestry. In the evening, a cook shot himself in the head while inside his hotel room after failing to reconcile with his wife and child. Ive just finished the podcast, havent watched the miniseries Nor do I intend to . The podcast also features audio from old interviews with Hodel's biological mother Tamar (who died in 2015), as well as George Hodel's son Steve (Fauna's uncle), who has claimed his father was . Springer was garroted on June 13, 1949, just two blocks from where Short's body was found in 1947.[9][10]. Tamar and her half-brother, Steve, remember their father's house as a place. (Her father was folksinger, Stan Wilson.). Negro is absolutely offensive and disrespectful when used flippantly, without care for the hurt it causes so many. Were lucky, we have had a Great Leader emerge whose gallantry, honesty and valour has Captained our ship with great transparency ! I expect you would have Mr. Burns go back and edit out all the live footage that clearly demonstrated and used the real-life 1920s and 1930s racist references to lynchings and the use of Nigger and Negro from the script. Unfortunately for us, Tamars autobiographies were never completed. I Will be publishing The Early Years next year which covers his pre-Dahlia crimes and hopefully that will allow me to get out of the twenty-plus back hole. George Hill Hodel Jr. was born on October 10, 1907, and raised in Los Angeles, California. Also, what other crimes did he commit not mentioned or found by me? The son makes a clear disclaimer that "none of the presented crimes contain proof beyond a reasonable doubt and without hard physical evidence such as DNA linkage are not solvable." The famed. trying to take advantage of a sensational case. (The reason being to hide the fact that a murder was committed during the electronic stakeout and they took no action, made no immediate response to the assault.) No, recent DNA testing has eliminated and dispelled the rumor that George Hodel was her father. The Martin letter, reproduced in full in the chapter "Afterword" in Black Dahlia Avenger III,[8] went on to name "GH" on 17 separate occasions identifying him as a personal acquaintance of Martin's as well as of McCauley's, and named him as the killer of both Short and of a second lone woman, Louise Springer, the "Green Twig Murder" victim. Thank you for the kind words. His parents, George Hodel Sr. and Esther Hodel, were of Russian Jewish ancestry. As the Daily News reported in 1949, Tamar had leveled charges of incest against her father George, an act that she claimed occurred during a deviant, hypnotic orgy at his home. As Gentile explained in the podcast, her uncles were three, five, and seven when she met them and their full names are Peace on Earth, Joy to the World, and Love. The case was never solved. . The school itself was Oregon Episcopal School. See blog on it HERE. She was abused by her father, dragged publicly in the press for daring to speak up at 16, and then. Supposin' I did kill the Black Dahlia. liverpool v nottingham forest 1989 team line ups; best crews to join in gta 5. jay chaudhry house; bimbo bakeries buying back routes; pauline taylor seeley cause of death I was wondering if you are aware of the photo taken of Elizabeth Shorts crime scene that was seemingly taken at night which, presumably would suggest it was the killer who took the photo as she was found in the morning? Despite Fauna's light skin and blue eyes, Tamar claimed her father was black. Hi Kris: Thanks for the kind words. Now, through never-before-heard archival audio and first-time interviews, the Hodel family opens up to reveal their shocking story. Hodel was also interviewed as a suspect in the nearby June 1949 murder of Louise Springer, the "Green Twig Murder", though evidence to support this accusation was not publicly available until July 2018. Best, Steve, Thank you for your ceaseless commitment to the truth, Steve. (Also, FYI, you can search any subject by using the SEARCH BOX under my badge on the Squad Room Blog page. Bravo to you and your family. I just wish we knew more about stopping these crimes before they start. Very sad. In late 1949, Hodel's teenage daughter Tamar accused him of incestuous sexual abuse and impregnating her. He is a major character in 'I Am the Night' and is portrayed by Jefferson Mays. I admire you for uncovering all this and for answering everyone here. Unfortunately there are probably many people who were not convicted due to their standing in the community or being able to buy off officials in those days. read my books. In the early years, I chose to respond to his misrepresentations, with just the facts but then came to realize that no amount of evidence would/could change his mind. 2023 BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Oh please spare me with the, you people comment. Thank you for clarifying. It actually made me think about a movie that I never watched (and dont intend to) called A Serbian Man. Mom still loved him. The brief accounting I listened to when you appeared on Dr. In the first episode of their I Am the Night companion podcast, Root of Evil, they featured a recording of their mother talking about when she first met Tamar and her brothers and sister in Hawaii. Love, your living Neice FaunaEliz , Im sorry that happened to you. Thank you for the response, Steve. They are amazing young women. Tamar Hodel was Fauna Hodel 's mother. She is included in my LA Lone Woman Murders and the circumstantial evidence is quite strong. Fauna's strange story of Fauna Hodel starts in Reno, Nevada, when a woman offered Jimmie Lee Faison a child in the bathroom of a casino. Carr took the position, Could be him? Fauna with her friends from Church in Reno c.1958. Dr. Hodel obtained criminal defense attorney Jerry Giesler and was acquitted after a three-week jury trial. I just watched the episode of Zak on the Black Dahlia murder with Fauna. As far as the Black Dahlia investigation is concerned it is way beyond my personal conjecture and theories. But, one has to read the material and see all the linkage. The podcast includes many of the actual investigative findings and linkage of Dr. George Hodel to the Black Dahlia murder, establishing that according to secret police records he, in fact, knew and had dated the victim in the 1940s. They can't prove it now. Many believe Dr. George Hodel was the killer, thanks to an investigation by Hodel's own son. She said he smiled at her and said, Why dont you name her Elizabeth. During the telling of that story, she laughed and went on to say that seven years later she would name her own daughter, Deborah Elizabeth. Many of my HODEL family members ARE BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL. Because her father was listed on her birth certificate as an "unknown Negro", Fauna ended up with an African-American family in Reno, Nevada. Twists,", "I Am the Night: Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine Explore the Black Dahlia Mystery,", "Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine Reunite in a Thrilling Limited Series", "What Does The Hodel Family Think Of 'I Am The Night'? Fauna's birth father was unknown, and the troubled Tamar gave up Fauna for adoption. Based on this the HOSPITAL AUTHORITIES AND PERSONNEL ASSUMED THAT THIS FRIEND (A NEGRO) WAS THE FATHER, and Tamar continued to let them believe the father was black. God bless you ! Tamar Nais Hodel formerly Anthony Born 24 Mar 1935 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States Ancestors Daughter of George Hill Hodel Jr. and Dorothy Grace (Anthony) Barber Sister of Michael Paul Hodel [half], John Dion Hodel [half] and [private brother (1940s - unknown)] [half] [spouse (s) unknown] Mother of Fauna Hodel For anybody who has read about Dr George Hill . I was a bit disturbed when she was on board with the production of the highly fictionalized version of her life. Tamar responded with a photo of herself with her four other children, whom she had after giving Fauna up for adoption daughter Elizabeth (who was also called Fauna II) and sons Peace, Love,. Death: March 08, 1982 (75) Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, CA, United States. She even addressed Steve Uncle, Not sure the reference, but it may have been from Deborah aka Fauna II? But I cant imagine how Id feel to uncover evidence that my parent had had a second career as a notoriously depraved serial killer. . This is when I fell in love with True Crime. [2] With Ray and some other Surrealists, he shared an interest in sadomasochism; with the young men of the Hollywood scene, he shared a fondness for partying, drinking, and womanizing.[2]. Thank you for the kind words and well wishes to me and my readers. As I indicated, after my niece Fauna came out with her creative license for dramatic effect as relates to inventing fictitious letters supposedly written by my mother, in her autobiography, I just ignored it. is there any further movement on the testing of the DNA on the envelope, which your father sealed? "Things could not get any more weird . or so we thought," Gentile said of the situation. Who is Fauna Hodels father? [2] After another four children, they divorced in the 1960s; she was later a member of the Philippine Congress as Hortensia Starke. McCauley, LAPD Internal Affairs Division). He described his activities as working undercover for LAPD detectives to help them identify and arrest corrupt police officers; in his words, " it was to try and see if other officers could be inveigled into crime." Daughter of George Hill Hodel, and Dorothy Grace Anthony Barbe (17 April 1911 - 12 October 1995). The file revealed that in 1950, Hodel was a suspect of the Dahlia murder. He claims to be related to Fauna. Born in 1907, the only child of George Hodel, Sr. and Esther Hodel, he was a musical prodigy with an IQ of 187 . I only know what she told me. Tom Hiddleston Is Officially Returning For 'The Night Manager' Season 2, 'Daisy Jones & The Six' Was Partially Inspired By This Viral Fleetwood Mac Moment, Randy Roth From 'A Rose For Her Grave' Is Still In Prison, Here's When You Can Watch The Final Season Of 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel', Get Even More From Bustle Sign Up For The Newsletter. Theyre having so much fun!) George Hodel was a notorious Los Angeles doctor whose sexual proclivities and surgical knowledge have led many to believe that he killed Elizabeth Short. This started up again when she married my father Stan Wilson. Fauna 2 changed her name from Deborah to Fauna I believe to honor Fauna I and because her mother, Tamar always expressed a fondness for her unknown long ago adopted first child. Do I think that she gave you the middle name of Elizabeth to show her ongoing love for her father and to do as he wished and name her little doll, (this time a living doll) to please her father and fulfill his seven-year-old request, to name her Elizabeth? Hodel was effectively a polygamist: in the late 1940s, around the time of the deaths of Spaulding and Elizabeth Short, Hodel was living with "Dorero" and their three children; his first legal wife Dorothy Anthony and their daughter Tamar; and, at times, his original common-law wife, Emilia, mother of Hodel's eldest child (by that time an adult). I Am The Night airs Mondays at 9 p.m. This author suggests your account of your father as The Black Dahlia murderer is nothing more than a series of endless lies. . Inka: Yes, the family dynamics have been difficult for me. Cath. Absolutely fascinating story but how is it that you were none the wiser to your exwifes deceptions. If nobody is calling you or those you love crackers, then you can see why negro is offensive you disrespectful mutant. Thank you. Surely you would have seen through her lies relating to age and background with george . I have read a few times that it was he who gave her second daughter, Fauna, the middle name Elizabeth after Elizabeth Short. Im amazed at your perseverance, working tirelessly to uncover the terrible crimes of your late father. That was created from the fictional mini-series, I Am The Night which is 95% fiction. Yes, Im familiar with the derogatory comments by Larry Harnisch on his website. Much appreciated. Involuntarily worldly. She, when married my father she hoped George would be proud of her, close to her again (as she never meant to tell on him. ) As indicated in my followup books, Buster a cadaver dog alert to numerous locations for human remains. So was George in Hawaii then, thousands of miles away, when Tamar got pregnant? He lived overseas several times, primarily between 1950 and 1990 in the Philippines. Clearly, his role as Noah Cross was an indication and I believe a definite reference to what he knew, though, in real life, George was not the father of his granddaughter by way of his sexual relations with his fourteen-year-old daughter, Tamar. George Hodel was incapable of love, real love, to her or anyone. I am sure Tamar had different stories for different people, so what is the truth of it? Just as many television shows/movies/books often use terms that are racist and deeply insensitive when referring to anyone who isnt a straight, white, Christian person in order to give an accurate representation of the time and place the story is set. When Elizabeth Short, also known as The Black Dahlia, was brutally killed in 1947, it gripped the entire country. Did Dr. Hodel molest Tamar? Kathleen K: We know that Fauna since meeting Tamar, her biological mother always knew the truth that her father was A White Italian Male that gave her mother alcohol then raped her in San Francisco. Tamar, was straight with her from the getgo back in the early Seventies. This is the inverse to the scenario of a convicted criminals family member trying to prove the accused innocent. He married (legally) for the fourth time, to a woman named June, in San Francisco,[2] where he remained for the rest of his life. [4] In February 2019, it was announced that Gentile and Pecoraro were producing a podcast, Root of Evil, which delves further into the book, the miniseries adaptation, and their family history. Elizabeth Short - the Black Dahlia - had been gruesomely . Its really suspicious for me to see a comment from Fauna herself in May 24, 2019 when she supposedly passed in 2017. In 1951, Tamar gave birth to her daughter Fauna at age 16 after being raped by a boy in her neighborhood. Surely they made links between the imagery? Thank you for this clarity. Hodel, the younger's investigation presents four (4) potential crimes committed in the 1920s and nineteen (19) crimes believed committed in the 1930s. They might meet for dinner on rare occasions. Daughter of George Hill Hodel, and Dorothy Grace Anthony Barbe (17 April 1911 - 12 October 1995). Again, all about IMAGE. Both series surmise that Fauna might be both the granddaughter and the daughter of Hodel, though there is no evidence as to who her real father is. Thank you. As explained on the One Day She'll Darken website, the real Fauna learned about her siblings when she wrote to her mother for the first time. Thanks for everything you did to clear this case up. The six-episode series is loosely based on Hodel's 2008 memoir "One Day She'll Darken." Her daughters, Yvette Gentile and Rasha Pecoraro, continued the project and together, have been working. Truth being, Law Enforcement solved the case 70 years ago, and were about to arrest him when he fled the country. She said she didnt know. He was acquitted after a widely publicized trial. Just put in a keyword or two. By confirming my investigation they would confirm that fact, which they apparently decided is not acceptable. I just listened to the podcast. Steve Hodel has since produced two additional books on the Dahlia case, and several books on the Zodiac killer and other cases, attempting to link them to his father. However, suspicion of Hodel was not publicly known until decades later. Short had suffered gruesome mutilation, notably her body being cut in half at the waist, as well as her mouth being cut ear to ear. Tamar Hodel was an incorrigible liar and problem child who made "unfounded complaints" and lodged mass accusations against her father and more than a dozen high school students. He played for music legend Sergei Rachmaninoff at his . Though the father was. No, not easty for sure. Tamar claimed she had posed for nude photos for Man Ray when she was just a child. 9: Chef (Thirteen of these crimes were originally investigated and believed serially connected by the San Diego Sheriff's and Police Departments back in the 1930s, but a suspect was never identified.) Along the way, she'll meet her half-siblings. The jury, which included eight women, said no. Hes been writing them for 18-years now, ever since my first book, Black Dahlia Avenger published in 2003. No harm came to either of them so the letter remained unreported and in the family's possession for 70 years until discovered and read by Martin's granddaughter. Wishing to distance the family from both George Hodel's trial and Tamar Hodel's alleged interracial romance, Tamar's mother arranged for a black woman to adopt the child. You are a rare person to rise above a nightmare environment and land grounded. It isnt a reflection of his age or his inability to keep up with the times. You are that spotlight. [5][6] Hodel served as the film's executive producer and creative consultant. He had no part in the naming. She tried many times to win back his love and hopefully her inheritance as well. Thanks so much for taking readers on such an intriguing, Byzantine journey, originating with a 1947 gruesome murder in LA. Tamar Hodel is the daughter of Dr. George Hodel, a major suspect in the horrific torture/murder of Elizabeth Short {"Black Dahlia"}. He usually represents his Daughter as a sexual item in front of his relatives and friends. (1947) (This would have been just nine weeks after he murdered Elizabeth Short.) Hodel obtained a degree in psychiatry and counseled prisoners in the Territorial prison in Hawaii for three years, then moved on to the Philippines, where he started a new family, and appears to have remained until 1990, finally dying in 1999 in San Francisco without charges ever being filed. Fauna in the hope of finding some answers about who she is, Jay hoping to find answers about the Hodel story he wrote about that ruined his career. Omg that woman ,Why be offended by something and tell someone off for quoting something someone else in the context of the story has said then go and use that word amongst others themselves their hypocrisy knows no bounds No-one would believe anything bad someone says about you Steve your record speaks for itself , I personally wouldnt put it past that person whos dissed you publicly on their website for 18 + years like LH to pose as a woman S or L on your site to troll you for kicks or attention ( ironic and twisted if true considering GH used to do something similar to people of his former profession as Zodiac ). In January 2004 some nine months after the publication of my first book, Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder, (Arcade 2003) Tamar wrote and emailed me the below six-page Overview of the Tamar Chronicles. This was a summary of what she intended to be her autobiography in three parts. I am not one to get involved in petty arguments and disputes. As to your questions: Best, Steve. Dear Uncle steve, please correct the information concerning my name Elizabeth, as I believed what my Mother, Tamar, told me. If not George, who was the father of that baby? Tamar responded with a photo of herself with her four other children, whom she had after giving Fauna up for adoption daughter Elizabeth (who was also called Fauna II) and sons Peace, Love, and Joy. Short's relatives also disagreed that the photos in Hodel's album were of Short. Tamar NOT GEORGE named her second daughter Deborah Elizabeth. Hi Layla, Its jarring and can trigger strong feelings to come across outdated and offensive words, but in this case, Mr. Hodel was using such language only in a representative way quoting what was written on a birth certificate. A September 2006 episode of Cold Case Files,[7] hosted by Bill Kurtis, illustrates the mixed reaction to Steve Hodel's hypothesis as outlined in his first book, Black Dahlia Avenger (2003). Born August 1, 1951, in San Francisco, Hodel was the first child of 16-year-old Tamar Nais Hodel and the granddaughter of Los Angeles doctor and socialite George Hodel. On the cold, sunny morning of Jan. 15, 1947, a woman walking her 3-year-old daughter in the Leimert Park neighborhood found the mutilated corpse of Elizabeth Short, aka the "Black Dahlia." Thirteen miles away from the crime scene is where many experts believe Short's murderer lived and possibly where he killed her. He was planning his own book naming a Dr. Walter Bayley as the killer and has been promising his readers to publish the proofs for the past twenty-four years. In 1940, Hodel married Dorothy Harvey, John Huston's ex-wife. Killed her. Tamar NOT GEORGE named her first daughter Fauna after a Robinson Jeffers poem just as her father had named her Tamar after a poem by Jeffers. skh. [4] In February 2019, it was announced that Gentile and Pecoraro were producing a podcast, Root of Evil, which delves further into the book, the miniseries adaptation, and their family history. I have always wondered how Tamars relationship with your father resumed after the incest trial. Keelie K: The Martin letter made it clear that "GH" was known and protected by law enforcement officers, and that they "let him go." What were all the factors in his childhood that came together to create such a hatred of women and Humanity? I hope you are okay. Wish you a healthy new year. On January 15, 1947, the naked body of 22-year-old Elizabeth Short was discovered in an empty lot in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Two years before Fauna was even born, Tamar. I made no review about her book from its publication (2008) until just a few months past, so 11-years of no comment.. Now, in the upcoming Feb. 25 episode, Fauna and Jay will journey to Hawaii to find her. When Fauna first discovered the whereabouts of Tamar and made contact, she received a photograph of Tamar with her newly discovered brothers and sister. Fauna's birth father was unknown, and the troubled Tamar gave up Fauna for adoption. I, myself, am not using the term Negro Im quoting its use as told to me by Tamar when she described her father listed on her daughter Faunas 1952 birth certificate as Negro. Throughout my writings, I also use the term Negro on the physical descriptions of suspects as described by witnesses from the 1940s and LAPD officers. He asked her if GHH was her father, and other prurient questions. Also, how this also ties in with the fact that a hobby of your fathers what photography? George Hill Hodel, Jr. was an American physician who was considered as prime suspect in the murder of an American woman named Elizabeth Short. But things may get even more complicated for her when she discovers Tamar had other children after giving her up for adoption. Carr whose later position was, I dont know who killed her and Im too busy with other cases to look at Steve Hodels evidence and he then retire.d. Dear Steve, whats next? George Hill Hodel Jr. (October 10, 1907 May 17, 1999) was an American physician and suspect in the murder of Elizabeth Short, a.k.a. And on I Am the Night, Fauna will learn that she's not Tamar's only child when she travels with Jay to her birth mom's home in Hawaii. Included in the letter was the fact that LAPD, after being informed that "GH" knew victim Springer, brought "GH" in to be "grilled about the Springer murder." {forgive me, Im not trying to flippantly insult your late father. Less impressed was active Detective Brian Carr, the LAPD officer then in charge of the Black Dahlia case which was still officially open. "Everything in the book is true . I have not read your books (yet) as I just stumbled onto your site after googling about the I am the night series after recently watching it. I understand the way youre using it is in reference to bigoted people who refuse to make the effort to learn and do better, you did so out of frustration after misunderstanding the intent of the author. Fauna never met George Hodel and was never in the Sowden/Franklin House until long after her grandfathers death in 1999. I could not continue to be Deborah, to abused, to damaged, even after being lent overnight to wealthy men finally stopped Tamar kept abusing me in every way possible, I was so brainwashed it was many years to realize what she was doing to me still. My mom left me to get sexually abused and she was abusive in other ways. Two weeks ago today, my half-sister, Tamar Nais Hodel, passed away in her sleep. were there any reports from Surrealists at the time? Stay safe. Again, there's not too much information out there, but at the time. Hello, Mr Hodel. The three-page letter identified W. Glenn Martin as a paid LAPD police informant working for a "Sgt.

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